Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Is My Faith Dead?

"Is my faith dead?'' Jane asked herself as a wealth of stress washed over her.  

She was once again out of money; her car ( had broken down the umpteenth time) was a heap of junk in her drive way. Of course, she had no money to repair the car; which equally meant that there was no money to buy food. To add to that, her spring relationship withered and died by the beginning of summer.

As the thoughts about the reality of her situation rolled around in her head; self pity and doubt rolled into a deep set sorrow that released itself as wordless tears. There was not even a mutter as the tears roll down her cheeks and anchor themselves at the bottom of her chin after which they dripped one by one into her laps.

In a moment of self pity Jane whispered again, ‘My Faith must be dead’.

There was no possible way out of the mountain of stress, debt, loneliness, sadness and any other terrible thing you can think of. The thought echoed in her head, someone with faith would not be in this situation.  With the last ounce of faith she had left; she wiped her tears, closed her eyes, placed her hands together and bowed her head to pray.


Walter Kahler said...

Beautiful post Sherice. Simple and to the point. Faith may not totally eliminate circumstance, but it surely provides the strength and courage to deal with any situations, I have overcome several adversities through faith and the spiritual growth has been incredible. Thanks for your post.

Sherice Blair said...

Thank you Walter for your words of faith and encouragement!

Sherry Carter said...

I am so much like Jane: I often wait until things are desperate before I begin to pray honestly. I need to turn to Him every day!

Sherice Blair said...

Thank you Sherry for your comment. I too can relate to Jane. Your words are true.

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