Monday, 10 August 2015

A Season of Drought

Julie had been through this before or she thought she had. However, nothing could prepare her for this season of drought. Her life was like she was walking through the Sahara desert.  It was like she was in a wilderness like no other. Time seemed to stand still on her life and her problems. Nothing moved. This drought was like those videos that you watch with a halo of rain following the person at every step and every turn. Here drought followed her like that halo of rain. It was persistent, stubborn and unrelenting. Not even the Word seemed to give her comfort. To be honest, she could not even read the Word. Nothing made sense. Life seemed to drag on from one bleak event to another.

How did Job overcome his season of drought? This is a question that I had to ask has I type these words. He had lost his children, his wealth, his health, etc. Job was in despair; at one point Job even wanted to die. However, Job trust in God. He never renounced his faith. The drought was not to kill him. The bible says that Satan wanted to see what Job would do (in no so many words). Satan meant for the drought to destroy the man. However, God allows us to go through a season of drought so that He can separate us from the things that block us from Him. A season of drought draws us closer to God.  In fact, if we are smart and spiritually wise, a season of drought in a perfect time for reflection. Job humbled himself before God. In doing do, God restored all. However, if in this season we take up a position of entitlement, God will not be able to fully restore us.

Julie woke up one day and made a decision. It was like she flipped a switch in her mind. She shifted her perspective. It was time to learn in the season of drought. It was time to grow. So, every minute, every hour, and every day Julie made the conscious decision to change her perspective. She read the Word even if she did not feel like it, she prayed, she seeked the Holy Spirit and she worked with the little she had. She never complained; nor did she not bicker.  She made the most of every situation. Pretty soon Julie did not even realize that she had gone through a drought.

''Your perspective on life affects how you live your life'' 
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