Thursday, 23 July 2015

When God Speaks

As we walk with God, we should endeavour to have an encounter with God everyday; so I wanted to share an encounter I had with God today. When I started my walk with God I did not understand what it meant to be faithful to him. To be honest before then, God was an idea that I believed in; however, I did not know Him. I also did not try to understand Him. This began to change once I made the decision to walk in God's will; I tried to understand exactly what walking in His will meant.

One thing I understood and believe is that it was important to me that I showed my love and faithfulness to God. One way I did this was by tithing. At church, I was taught the importance of tithing from a Biblical perspective. I also began to understand the importance of tithing from a personal perspective; I also saw how tithing began to change my life. For me, tithing is an important part of my relationship with God. So, every month before I did anything else I would take my tithe and set it aside.

Back to today, as I went to the machine to withdraw from my monthly salary, the thought came to me to just withdraw only what I needed to conduct business for today. This is totally out of character for me but I decided to just withdraw not my tithes, but instead the money I needed to conduct my business transaction. Quickly, I punched in the amount (not giving my tithe a second thought). Nothing came out of the machine. There was nothing to withdraw. At that moment, I did not register what happened. I just left the machine and decided to take a walk. Yes, it was odd, but at that time I was not making any connection.  
After fifteen minutes, I joined the line for the machine once again. I had a nagging feeling. As I stepped into the machine, I prayed Lord I am going to put in the amount that will withdraw my tithes. I finished the praying by saying I am sorry. I placed the card into the machine punched in the amount that I withdrew every month (this amount was more than the previous amount I had entered) and there it was the sweet sound of cash being dispensed from the machine. In that moment, I was truly thankful that I had not broken my unfaithfulness with God. I also realized that God was speaking to me in the only way i would be able to hear him.

So, today I chose to think that God stopped me from committing a mistake that I would have lived to regret. So my friends, when God speaks, just listen.



Jeannie Pallett said...

I am a believer in tithing and your story is pretty awesome! It shows us God is with us, watching over us, wanting to bless us ... if we would choose obedience to His Word! Blessings and thanks to you this day!

Walter Kahler said...

Tithing is a good deed showing God our financial commitment to help carry His message. Sherice I enjoyed your honesty about learning the real meaning behind faith by getting to know God personally every day. One of the ways we can measure our personal growth with God is by listening to that intuitive feeling because that is God directing our path to live in His will. Thanks for expressing the way you follow God.

Sherry Carter said...

There have been many times in my walk with God that I ignored that nagging feeling I knew was His voice. Every time, He orchestrated events to show me my disobedience and lead me to obey Him out of love. Tithing was a hard one for me. At first I didn't trust Him to make ends meet because money was very tight already. Over the years I've had to make hard choices to make ends meet but I've always honored my commitment to tithe and He's always worked things out.

Sherice Blair said...

Thank you Jeannie, Walter and Sherry for your comments. Sherry, I can relate to your thoughts about worrying about how to make ends meet. I can so relate. However, like you said God has been working it out. I too can testify to that.

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